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How fast can we close?
We pay cash for all the properties we purchase, so we can usually close pretty quickly. However, our title company has to order documents from your city for the closing, plus any other potential payoffs that might be applicable, and these can sometimes take a week or so. Generally, we can close within 3-4 weeks from offer acceptance, possibly sooner, depending on where the property is.
How much would you offer me for my house?

The price we offer depends on a lot of factors, and it’s difficult to quote sight-unseen. We look at what similar properties in your neighborhood have sold for in recent months, then take into consideration the overall condition of your property, and what we would need to spend to get it into tip-top shape for resale. If you are motivated and ready to sell, we can set up an appointment for a buyer to come out and meet with you to tour the property and discuss pricing.

I have a loan that dates back several years, and I think I might owe more on the loan than the house is worth. Can you still help me?

It might be possible, but lenders are not usually willing to cut a deal on a loan payoff for a homeowner who is “upside down” on their loan, but still in good standing. (no missed payments) Give us a call and let us know your exact situation, and we will give you an honest review on whether we can help you, or at least offer some good advice.

I just inherited property that’s in pretty rough shape. I can’t take on this project myself. Are you able to buy it in this condition?

Yes! This is where we really excel. We are fully equipped to take on just about any rehab project to get the home back into good shape for resale. Our buyer will meet with you and tour the property, doing a complete evaluation of what work would need to be done, then discuss pricing for a potential sale. You don’t even have to clean it out of unwanted items – we’ll take care of all of it for you.

I lost my job and can’t keep my house anymore. I don’t want it to go to foreclosure and get a huge hit on my credit report. Can you help?

Yes! We have specialists that are experts in working with lenders to negotiate sales pricing so you can sell your home on your terms and avoid foreclosure. Let us know your particular situation, and we’ll help to work out a solution that is best for you.

I owe a lot on property taxes, and can’t pay them off. Can you still buy my property?

Most likely, yes, we can. We’ll figure out exactly how much you owe and compare it to what the property is worth in its current condition, plus what it might take to get it into shape for resale. As long as the tax debt is not too high, we can most likely work something out.

I’m in a bankruptcy. Can I still sell my house and maybe get some cash at closing?

Yes, you can sell your home, however it would have to be done with the approval of your bankruptcy trustee, who will dictate where any potential profits from the sale of your home would go. It would be best to discuss this with your attorney before trying to sell your home so you can get a clear picture of what to expect.

If I sell you my house, what will you do with it?

Great question! We’ll get your house cleaned up and ready for rental or resale. We only work with local contractors, who are familiar with your area, and will improve it if necessary so it fits well into the neighborhood and helps improve value for everybody

My house is in foreclosure, and I think the sheriff sale is being held really soon. Can you help?

This is really going to depend on your lender, and terms of the loan with them. Some lenders will not do anything if its within 30 days of the scheduled sheriff sale, but many will. We will need to get written permission from you in order to speak with them, but can certainly ask if it’s possible to slow the sale down or stop it altogether by purchasing your property.

The bank just filed a foreclosure against me. Is the Sheriff going to kick me out soon?

No! Wisconsin is known as a judicial state, which means the foreclosure has to work through the court system and cannot be taken by your lender without permission from a judge. A foreclosure can take many months, and there are several redemption periods that have to be passed before it can go to a sheriff sale. The time-frame also depends on whether you are still living there, or not. Give us a call, and we can discuss your particular situation more in depth.